How architects can get 5 New clients and additional $50,000+ each month (See Proof)

With simple math, I will show how you can get 5 new clients each month by ranking on the first page of Google.

You will also see how you can get high paying clients that need a specific type of architecture work that you enjoy doing by ranking on specific keywords that they search.

I understand you have an established name and probably get new clients through word of mouth but why are leaving all these hot prospects to other architect firms on the first page of Google?

Let me explain this in detail…..

Google has a tool that gives you the number of people searching a particular keyword each month. Following are the number of people searching for a particular service that you provide (numbers are taken from the tool)

  • “Interior designer in Chicago” is searched by 220 people each month
  • Combining apartments in New York” is searched by 110 people each month
  • Residential architects in New York” is searched by 620 people each month
  • Architects in Los Angeles” is searched by 350 people each month
  • Building designers in New York” is searched by 340 people each month
  • Commercial designers in New York” is searched by 420 people each month
  • You can check more such keywords for your city….

Let’s say your architect firm’s website ranks on Google for just 3-4 keywords in your city and these keywords are searched by ~1500 new people each month and your website ranks at the top.

You will typically get ~33% of the visitors because rest go to other architect websites and ads. That means you get ~500 new visitors to your website.

Now, these visitors are your hot prospects with a high intent of buying because they are looking for specific service that you provide. If we assume just 1% conversion from ~500 visitors, you can close ~5 new clients each month (~$50,000 additional revenue) and this number will grow organically with time.

Presently all these clients are going to your competitors ranking on the first page, do you want to beat your competitors and get to the top?

Do you have the capacity to take on so much additional work?

You must be thinking this all this is coming from some random guy on the internet with no clue what he’s talking about, let me briefly introduce myself, I am a growth marketer and founder of ArchitectMonthly. My company helps architects get more calls and enquiries through their current websites, by ranking their architecture firm higher in Google.


We can help you but please note that we do NOT work with all architects

We work with few architects so that we can deliver maximum results. We select clients very carefully and have a reasonable set of criteria that need to be met before we start our engagement

Following are the criteria that your business needs to meet

  1. You have a healthy business with steady flow of leads and clients that you want to grow further
  2. You have a good reputation in the market

If your business meets the above 2 requirements please fill in the form below by clicking the ‘start’ below this will help me understand your goals better. Once you fill in the form I will review your business goals and create a custom strategy to generate more leads and clients. We will discuss this plan over a call.

Normally I charge $750 for this custom growth plan but for architects filling this form on my website I will do it for free

Our proprietary strategies have help our architect clients and they are closing multiple new projects each month with leads from their own websites and I am sure this plan will help your business immensely.