5 Mental Traps that Architects have (That cost them $2.4 million!)

I have worked and discussed with many architects and I must say I was surprised when I saw mental traps that architects have. With such mental traps, it will be very difficult to grow your business. They hurt themselves with weak excuses.

Trap 1: My website rank on Google doesn’t matter to my business I get clients through referrals

A person searching for “residential architect in Chicago” or “commercial architects in New York” or home remodeling in your city is your potential hot prospect who is specifically searching for your service in your city.

90% of the users searching on Google do not go to the second page therefore if you are not on the first page you will never be seen.

Sure your work speaks and you get most of your clients through referrals but have you thought how much money you leave on the table when your competitor ranks for such high intent keywords that your clients are searching every day.

Say your approximate revenue from home remodeling from each client is ~8,000 (say) and there are 300 people searching for home remodeling each month in your city. That means you are leaving $2.4 million (8000*300) worth of clients to your competitors. And this is just from one keyword

Imagine ranking for specific keywords such as “combining apartment in NYC” or “Kitchen remodeling” and getting specific kind of work that you want.

Do you still believe it is not important to rank on Google?

Trap 2: If my business grows I will not be able to handle many clients

This is a big one. Don’t you think it is an awesome problem to have?

Simply raise rates?

Turn away customers that you don’t like, choose who understand your creative work better?

Or work out a referral deal with other architect firms to pass on the excess clients that you don’t want.

But don’t fall into this trap that too many clients are bad!

Trap 3: To improve my website rank on Google, I will hire an SEO agency that can give me results in 1 month

Before I talk about this obsession with immediate gratification, you should know about the cheap black hat techniques that are banned by Google. Sure it can give some results but in long run, your website will be penalized by Google and completely removed from the search

A genuine SEO campaign that will be improving your rank on Google and getting more clients to your website takes 3 to 4 months to show results. Because changes on Google take 3-4 months on an average.

Any SEO agency that promises quick results at cheap cost should raise alarm.

SEO and growing your business online is a long term strategy

Trap 4: “I don’t have money”

Then spend a little time learning how to improve your online visibility yourself.

Don’t have time or money?  Well, you can’t get something for nothing.

Whatever you do don’t hire a cheap SEO agency that does not know a thing they do. It can harm your online presence.

Trap 5: I am already spending on Adwords or paid ads

The ROI you get with SEO is 10X more than the paid ad, I will do a separate post on this topic

Trap 6: “Now isn’t a good time.” or “I will do SEO once my business grows”

Then when is a good time?  When business growing and youdon’tt have time from your work? Or When business is slow, you’re busy scrambling for customers?

Keep doing what you’ve been doing, and you’ll get what you’ve been getting.