18.91X ROAS: Facebook DPA Ads ! (Without Retargeting!)

In this case study, I will show you a campaign that is working really well for me. This is a Facebook e-commerce campaign for a men’s fashion brand. I want to show you how I was able to achieve 18.91 ROAS! (Return on Ad Spend) using on the cold audience (without retargeting) using Facebook Dynamic […]

E-commerce Funnel Case Study: $98,145 (+230% growth) In 29 Days

Today I am revealing my proprietary Golden E-commerce Funnel. Using this funnel I grew my client’s revenue to $98,145 (+230% increase) in just 29 days With the help of this funnel, I was able to accelerate the revenue growth even when my client had an average website, limited funds, and ordinary/regular products! How did I […]

Home Builder Case study: How I generated exclusive renovation / remodeling leads worth $231,700 in 19 days

In this post I am going to exactly show you how I generated high converting exclusive renovation/remodeling leads (Yes, exclusive not re-used or re-sold leads!) worth $230,000 in just 19 days. The leads were contact details submitted by people who were interested in home renovation, home extension, new home construction, and remodeling. I used Facebook paid […]

27 amazing call to action case studies with key takeaways and examples

Your call to action buttons are the ultimate low hanging fruit that you can optimize and see immediate results in conversions. Even minor tweaks can result in huge changes in conversion rate. I have collected 27 experiments performed on call to action buttons by authority websites such as HubSpot, Unbounce, and Copyblogger. These A/B tests […]

How to get exclusive roofing leads? (today)

In this post, I am going to explain exactly how you can get high quality and exclusive roofing leads. When I say exclusive leads I don’t mean the resold, unqualified, cold and reused leads that other big companies provide, I mean you get direct calls from prospects who want to meet you and hire you. […]

Kitchen Remodeling leads: 2 untapped methods to get exclusive leads!

In this article, I am going go deep into strategies that your firm should adopt in order to get high converting kitchen remodeling leads. Using the methods explained in this post you will be able to generate exclusive kitchen remodeling leads that have a very high intent of taking your services. Method 1: Target people who […]

Home Improvement leads: 7 Hidden Methods To Get Exclusive Leads!

I am going to show you EXACTLY how to get home remodeling and improvement leads. Using this process my clients are consistently getting high converting exclusive leads from Google and Facebook If you are looking to grow your revenue with new home improvement or remodeling leads then you will love this post. How to get […]

5-Step Cheat-Sheet To Skyrocket Bathroom Remodeling Leads (In 2018)

This short guide contains one of my proprietary methods to get high-quality bathroom remodeling lead from Google. This method can be used to get kitchen remodeling leads, home extension leads, landscaping, roofing, flooring or any type of home remodeling leads. But just to keep this guide simple, I will restrict myself to bathroom remodeling leads […]

10 Ways To Use Houzz And Get Leads ( Don’t skip the 2nd Method)

How to use Houzz for marketing? I have explained in my last article about what people look for when they visit Houzz and what start of buying cycle they are in you can read it here Houzz pro plus review Houzz should be mainly used as awareness generation platform. You might not get users from Houzz […]