Home Builder Case study: How I generated exclusive renovation / remodeling leads worth $231,700 in 19 days

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In this post I am going to exactly show you how I generated high converting exclusive renovation/remodeling leads (Yes, exclusive not re-used or re-sold leads!) worth $230,000 in just 19 days. The leads were contact details submitted by people who were interested in home renovation, home extension, new home construction, and remodeling.

I used Facebook paid ads to generate these exclusive leads and I did this for one of my clients in NYC.

You too can use my method. So let’s start!

First I want you to know the difference between normal leads that you usually get and exclusive leads that I generated. Leads that you get through websites like Houzz, HomeAdvisor, AngleList etc. are non-exclusive leads such leads are shared by multiple contractors and remodeling firms and therefore difficult to convert.

This is the basic business model of above websites: generate leads and then share each lead with multiple contractors and remodeling firms that’s how they make their money.

Therefore the leads that you get through such websites are re-used, re-sold and non-exclusive. On the other hand the leads that I generate are exclusive to my clients and are not shared by anyone.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the exact method I use to generate these exclusive leads.

Step 1: Target audience interested in home renovation, repair and remodeling using Facebook Ad platform


Facebook knows the interests and demographics of billions of its users. Facebook Ad platform enables us to reach out to specifically those people who are currently interested in home renovation, repair or remodeling.

Following are the screenshots of the Facebook Ad platform, here I have created multiple audiences of people between 28 yrs to 55 yrs within a particular city who are currently looking to get home renovation/remodeling work done.

Since my client was in New York City I targetted people in NYC.

Following screenshot explain how I created an audience of people who are looking out for a general contractor


Then I added people interested in home construction



Then I added more people who were interested in home improvements



Next, I added people who were looking to get home repair work done.



And then I added people who are interested in home renovation


That’s all. Now I had an audience of over 80k people in NYC who are interested in getting a home renovation, repair, or remodeling work done.

Step 2: Reach out to this specific audience and give them an offer in exchange for their contact details (lead)

In order to get the contact details of your potential client, you need to give them something of value.

So I discussed with my client and created an offer of free consultation and free cost estimate using ‘Facebook Lead ads’

Then I published this offer to the target audience created in step 1

This is how the Facebook ad looked:




Once the interested user clicked on ‘Book Now’ a new screen opened up (screenshot below) where the details of the user were already filled by Facebook! All they needed to do was to click on submit button and we started getting exclusive leads!



After some testing and tweaking the ads and target audience I was able to generate $230k worth exclusive leads for my client in NYC in just 19 days!

Hope you liked my method!

Contact me if you have any questions regarding this method I will be happy to help.

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