Home Improvement leads: 7 Hidden Methods To Get Exclusive Leads!

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I am going to show you EXACTLY how to get home remodeling and improvement leads. Using this process my clients are consistently getting high converting exclusive leads from Google and Facebook

If you are looking to grow your revenue with new home improvement or remodeling leads then you will love this post.

How to get home improvement leads?

#1 Bridge the information gap using visual (infographic) content that Google loves

Thousands of your potential clients are searching on Google for ideas and problem related to home improvement work that they want to get done. On the other hand, most of the home improvement firms are simply publicizing their services and almost no one is providing any valuable information that helps these prospects. Therefore there is a big information gap because.

You can fill this gap by high-quality relevant content that provides a lot of value to your prospects.

We all know that home improvement and remodeling industry is all about visuals and most of your potential clients are looking ideas and inspiration on Google. To attract these prospect your need to publish visual or infographic content on your website. This should not be any random infographic, instead, you should publish infographic or visual content that is already viral in home remodeling and improvement niche.

How to do this?

Step 1: Go to YouTube and search for different types of videos such as “best home remodeling ideas” or “best kitchen remodeling ideas” or “best renovations to do before selling”. To get more ideas can make use of popular types of videos on YouTube such as How-To video, tutorial videos, reviews etc.

Step 2: Sort by view count so that you can find the most popular and viral videos. Since these videos are very popular you can create visual content and infographics on similar topics. Adding this type already proven visual content to your website will attract more prospects to your website.

Step 3: Go to the next type of popular view type in step 1 and get more ideas.

#2 Get leads by targeting user behavior on Facebook.

Facebook provides us with a robust ad platform, using this platform you can attract the EXACT type of people who are looking to get home improvement work done and more importantly have the budget to pay you.

It does this by analyzing the interests and behavior of billions of people. Using the humongous user data Facebook has, it can very accurately determine the likelihood of the purchase intent or buying behavior of any person.

Facebook ad platform allows business owners like you to make use of this data and showcase your ads to the right audience and get exclusive leads and business for your firm.

Following is the inside view of Facebook ad platform where you can set up the location/cities, age grow and interest/ behavior targetting. I have selected entire united states for this example but you can choose any specific city. I have also selected people between 30 yrs to 60 yrs who are more likely to take your home improvement services. Next, we have to filter purchase behavior to home improvement and home renovation.

Facebook ad platform to get home remodeling leads


I want to bring your attention to a small detail that can help in skyrocketing your home remodeling leads.

You can target 7.9 million people who are not just interested in home remodeling but according to Facebook these are “consumers in household that are known or likely buyers of home renovation based on actual past purchasing behavior”


Clients for Home Renovation

Obviously, you don’t want to market to all these people since they are spread across the US

#3: Target people who are likely buyers of home improvement and remodeling in a particular city.

If we take just New York City we have 3.6 million people who are likely buyers of home renovation or improvement services.

home remodeling leads in New York City


#4: Attract potential clients based on behavior and type of home they live in.

We have already discussed that Facebook has humongous data about its users, and we have just scratched the surface.

Along with the above behavior targeting, you can target people living in different type of home such as apartments, condos etc.

Home remodeling leads based on Home Type

Home remodeling leads based on age of house

You can target people based on home value ( yes the cost of their homes!). You can target your potential home remodeling clients based on the age of the property, length of residence, likely to move and new movers! Every such potential client would need a different kind of home remodeling service that you can provide.

You can target people who are specifically renters or homeowners. You can also attract people who are first time home buyers and would need home improvement services.

#5: Target wealthy clients interested in home remodeling

Facebook collects data about its users from various third party sources, therefore, it has a lot of information about its users even if they have explicitly not given it to Facebook.

Using Facebook income targeting you can target wealthy clients


home remodeling leads of high income clients

You can also target people who spend on luxury travel and vacations.

Target wealthy home improvement leads

Continuing our example of to find home remodeling leads in New York, we another layer of filter of income level above $250,000 along with purchase behavior of home improvement and home renovation

We get 320k wealthy home improvement client that you can target, these people would need high-end kitchen and bathroom design work or high-end home renovation work.


wealthy home remodeling clients in New York City


#6: Target expats who can be your potential clients

I have met many home remodeling companies in New York City who are interested in attracting expats from Russia and China. If you more projects with expats why not showcase your work directly of thousands of similar people on using this ad platform.

home remodeling leads of expats

#7: Do you want to scale your firm fast?

I help home remodeling, kitchen/bath remodeling and roofing firms get more exclusive leads on demand. So that they can focus on their core competency (i.e. running the business) and living a life of freedom without worrying where their next customer will come from

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