Kitchen Remodeling leads: 2 untapped methods to get exclusive leads!

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In this article, I am going go deep into strategies that your firm should adopt in order to get high converting kitchen remodeling leads.

Using the methods explained in this post you will be able to generate exclusive kitchen remodeling leads that have a very high intent of taking your services.

Method 1: Target people who are looking for kitchen design and remodeling companies.

We all know that Facebook tracks user interests and behavior, with the help of this humongous data Facebook is able to accurately predict which users are likely to purchase a product or service in the near future.

Using Facebook ad platform you can target people a particular city who are interested in kitchen design and are currently going to purchase home improvement related services.

Following is the inside view of the Facebook platform.

Let’s say you provide kitchen remodeling services in Los Angeles

Kitchen remodeling leads Los Angeles

There is a lot going on in the screenshot above. If you see the image carefully I have done the following:

  1. Selected the city – Los Angeles telling Facebook to show your ads only to people in this city
  2. Selected the age range – I have selected the age range from 38-62 so that your ad is only displayed to people who have the financial capability and interest in kitchen redesign or remodeling.
  3. Filtered Purchase Behavior – Next if you observe I have filtered the purchase behavior of Facebook users to ‘home improvement’ and ‘home renovation’. This is telling Facebook to show your ads only to people who are likely to spend on home improvement and home remodeling
  4. Filtered interest – Next I have filtered interest to show ads to people who are specifically interested in ‘Kitchen design’, ‘kitchen design ideas’, ‘kitchen and bathrooms’

The result – You can see in the screenshot above there are 1.3 million people in Los Angels who currently satisfy the above 4 conditions. These are your prospects a good number of people will be interested in your services.

Using this above setup you can start getting high-quality kitchen remodeling leads that will convert today!

If you are not attracting them or reaching out to them you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your revenues!

Method 2: Get high-quality leads by ranking on the first page of Google.

Many business owners know that that there are thousands of people on Google searching for kitchen remodeling and home remodeling every day. But the business owners don’t understand the huge impact they can get if they start ranking on the first page of Google search and Google maps.

I took out the data from Google keyword tool to find out how many people search for kitchen remodeling related terms:

Here are the numbers

  • “kitchen remodeling Los Angeles” and related terms are searched by over 14,750 people each month.
  • “kitchen remodeling New York” and related terms are searched by 13900 people each month.
  • “Kitchen redesign in Chicago” and related terms are search by 13450 people each month.
  • “Kitchen design ideas” and related terms are searched by over 35,750 people each month.

Now, why does this matter to you?

People searching for such terms are high intent to spend on kitchen remodeling and design. Therefore these people are your potential clients.

To be discoverable to these people you should be visible on the first page of Google because 90% of people never go to the second page.

I will explain how you can rank for keywords related to kitchen remodeling and kitchen design in step by step detail below.

Step 1: Improve website’s google page speed:

You can check your website speed here.

Your website speed score should be at least 90/100. Google wants to give best user experience to it users, therefore, it gives very high preference to a website that loads fast. Google will never rank a website on the first page that has a poor website speed score.

Page Speed Of Home Remodeling Websites


Therefore the first step is to follow the suggestions given by the tool and bring your website speed to a score of 90 or more.

Step 2: Keyword research – Find keywords related to kitchen remodeling that people are searching on Google

When you search any keyword related such as ‘kitchen remodeling’, Google gives you a list of related keywords that people are searching at the bottom of the page.

Keywords related to kitchen remodeling

Next, we will find more keywords that people are searching


Keywords related to kitchen design

This keyword research is a very critical step. Here you have figured out what topics your potential clients are searching.

Step 3: Bridge the information gap

Now you know what your potential clients are searching, in this step you need to publish high-quality content related to the topics discovered in step 2.

Most remodeling firms fail at this step because they usually create content that they feel is good rather than researching what their potential clients are searching. By following this simple strategy to first research what your potential clients want and then create content you are ahead of most of your competitors

From step-2 you know that people are searching for topics such as “Kitchen remodeling cost”, “small kitchen remodeling ideas” etc. You need to create high-quality engaging content that people would read.

An important thing to note here is that you should always try to create long content (more than 1000 words) with lots of images and videos. This is because Google measures the engagement rate of each website, it measures how long (in minutes) a person who visited your website content stays on your website.

For example, if a person visited your website from Google and read your content but he didn’t find it engaging enough then that person will leave your website within 10-15 seconds. Google keeps a track of this time if the average time on your website is higher that means your content is good therefore Google will give you a chance to be visible on the first page

Since remodeling industry is all about visuals you can publish high quality visual (infographic) content that are already popular in kitchen remodeling niche. Here are the steps to do it:


Step 4: Increase your website’s authority

Google gives ranks high authority website on the first page. It measures the authority in terms of how many other higher authority websites are linking to your website.

Let’s say you an article about your firm gets published in New York Times and that online article links to your website. Google’s algorithm will notice that you have got a high authority link from NYT, therefore, it will enhance your authority.

Such high authority links to your website are called ‘backlinks’ and they act as votes for your website telling Google to rank you higher on the first page

Just look at the screenshot below, the black bar below each website displays authority metrics of that website: “DA” – Domain Authority, “PA” – Page Authority and “backlink” – Number of high authority links (backlinks) each website has.

The first 2 links are Google Ad

The next section is Google maps, that shows home remodeling companies around.

After that, the organic ranking starts. If you see carefully the DA of first few website is between 50/100 to 60/100 while each website has 200 to 600 backlinks.

Website authority for kitchen remodeling lead



Now if you want to rank your the above keyword “home remodeling” you need to have a DA and backlinks more than the website in the list above.

You can enhance your authority by reaching out higher authority blogs and website in the home improvement niche and publish your high-quality well-researched content on their website in return for a link back to your website (This process is called guest blogging).

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