Kitchen Remodeling leads: 2 untapped methods to get exclusive leads!

In this article, I am going go deep into strategies that your firm should adopt in order to get high converting kitchen remodeling leads.

Using the methods explained in this post you will be able to generate exclusive kitchen remodeling leads that have a very high intent of taking your services.

Method 1: Target people who are looking for kitchen design and remodeling companies.

We all know that Facebook tracks user interests and behavior, with the help of this humongous data Facebook is able to accurately predict which users are likely to purchase a product or service in the near future.

Using Facebook ad platform you can target people a particular city who are interested in kitchen design and are currently going to purchase home improvement related services.

Following is the inside view of the Facebook platform.

Let’s say you provide kitchen remodeling services in Los Angeles

Kitchen remodeling leads Los Angeles

There is a lot going on in the screenshot above. If you see the image carefully I have done the following:

  1. Selected the city – Los Angeles telling Facebook to show your ads only to people in this city
  2. Selected the age range – I have selected the age range from 38-62 so that your ad is only displayed to people who have the financial capability and interest in kitchen redesign or remodeling.
  3. Filtered Purchase Behavior – Next if you observe I have filtered the purchase behavior of Facebook users to ‘home improvement’ and ‘home renovation’. This is telling Facebook to show your ads only to people who are likely to spend on home improvement and home remodeling
  4. Filtered interest – Next I have filtered interest to show ads to people who are specifically interested in ‘Kitchen design’, ‘kitchen design ideas’, ‘kitchen and bathrooms’

The result – You can see in the screenshot above there are 1.3 million people in Los Angels who currently satisfy the above 4 conditions. These are your prospects a good number of people will be interested in your services.

Using this above setup you can start getting high-quality kitchen remodeling leads that will convert today!

If you are not attracting them or reaching out to them you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your revenues!

Method 2: Get high-quality leads by ranking on the first page of Google.

Many business owners know that that there are thousands of people on Google searching for kitchen remodeling and home remodeling every day. But the business owners don’t understand the huge impact they can get if they start ranking on the first page of Google search and Google maps.

I took out the data from Google keyword tool to find out how many people search for kitchen remodeling related terms:

Here are the numbers

  • “kitchen remodeling Los Angeles” and related terms are searched by over 14,750 people each month.
  • “kitchen remodeling New York” and related terms are searched by 13900 people each month.
  • “Kitchen redesign in Chicago” and related terms are search by 13450 people each month.
  • “Kitchen design ideas” and related terms are searched by over 35,750 people each month.

Now, why does this matter to you?

People searching for such terms are high intent to spend on kitchen remodeling and design. Therefore these people are your potential clients.

To be discoverable to these people you should be visible on the first page of Google because 90% of people never go to the second page.

I will explain how you can rank for keywords related to kitchen remodeling and kitchen design in step by step detail below.

Step 1: Improve website’s google page speed:

You can check your website speed here.

Your website speed score should be at least 90/100. Google wants to give best user experience to it users, therefore, it gives very high preference to a website that loads fast. Google will never rank a website on the first page that has a poor website speed score.

Page Speed Of Home Remodeling Websites


Therefore the first step is to follow the suggestions given by the tool and bring your website speed to a score of 90 or more.

Step 2: Keyword research – Find keywords related to kitchen remodeling that people are searching on Google

When you search any keyword related such as ‘kitchen remodeling’, Google gives you a list of related keywords that people are searching at the bottom of the page.

Keywords related to kitchen remodeling

Next, we will find more keywords that people are searching


Keywords related to kitchen design

This keyword research is a very critical step. Here you have figured out what topics your potential clients are searching.

Step 3: Bridge the information gap

Now you know what your potential clients are searching, in this step you need to publish high-quality content related to the topics discovered in step 2.

Most remodeling firms fail at this step because they usually create content that they feel is good rather than researching what their potential clients are searching. By following this simple strategy to first research what your potential clients want and then create content you are ahead of most of your competitors

From step-2 you know that people are searching for topics such as “Kitchen remodeling cost”, “small kitchen remodeling ideas” etc. You need to create high-quality engaging content that people would read.

An important thing to note here is that you should always try to create long content (more than 1000 words) with lots of images and videos. This is because Google measures the engagement rate of each website, it measures how long (in minutes) a person who visited your website content stays on your website.

For example, if a person visited your website from Google and read your content but he didn’t find it engaging enough then that person will leave your website within 10-15 seconds. Google keeps a track of this time if the average time on your website is higher that means your content is good therefore Google will give you a chance to be visible on the first page

Since remodeling industry is all about visuals you can publish high quality visual (infographic) content that are already popular in kitchen remodeling niche. Here are the steps to do it:


Step 4: Increase your website’s authority

Google gives ranks high authority website on the first page. It measures the authority in terms of how many other higher authority websites are linking to your website.

Let’s say you an article about your firm gets published in New York Times and that online article links to your website. Google’s algorithm will notice that you have got a high authority link from NYT, therefore, it will enhance your authority.

Such high authority links to your website are called ‘backlinks’ and they act as votes for your website telling Google to rank you higher on the first page

Just look at the screenshot below, the black bar below each website displays authority metrics of that website: “DA” – Domain Authority, “PA” – Page Authority and “backlink” – Number of high authority links (backlinks) each website has.

The first 2 links are Google Ad

The next section is Google maps, that shows home remodeling companies around.

After that, the organic ranking starts. If you see carefully the DA of first few website is between 50/100 to 60/100 while each website has 200 to 600 backlinks.

Website authority for kitchen remodeling lead



Now if you want to rank your the above keyword “home remodeling” you need to have a DA and backlinks more than the website in the list above.

You can enhance your authority by reaching out higher authority blogs and website in the home improvement niche and publish your high-quality well-researched content on their website in return for a link back to your website (This process is called guest blogging).

Do you want to scale your firm?

I help home remodeling, kitchen/bath remodeling and roofing firms get more exclusive leads on demand. So that they can focus on their core competency (i.e. running the business) and living a life of freedom without worrying where their next customer will come from

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Home Improvement leads: 7 Hidden Methods To Get Exclusive Leads!

I am going to show you EXACTLY how to get home remodeling and improvement leads. Using this process my clients are consistently getting high converting exclusive leads from Google and Facebook

If you are looking to grow your revenue with new home improvement or remodeling leads then you will love this post.

How to get home improvement leads?

#1 Bridge the information gap using visual (infographic) content that Google loves

Thousands of your potential clients are searching on Google for ideas and problem related to home improvement work that they want to get done. On the other hand, most of the home improvement firms are simply publicizing their services and almost no one is providing any valuable information that helps these prospects. Therefore there is a big information gap because.

You can fill this gap by high-quality relevant content that provides a lot of value to your prospects.

We all know that home improvement and remodeling industry is all about visuals and most of your potential clients are looking ideas and inspiration on Google. To attract these prospect your need to publish visual or infographic content on your website. This should not be any random infographic, instead, you should publish infographic or visual content that is already viral in home remodeling and improvement niche.

How to do this?

Step 1: Go to YouTube and search for different types of videos such as “best home remodeling ideas” or “best kitchen remodeling ideas” or “best renovations to do before selling”. To get more ideas can make use of popular types of videos on YouTube such as How-To video, tutorial videos, reviews etc.

Step 2: Sort by view count so that you can find the most popular and viral videos. Since these videos are very popular you can create visual content and infographics on similar topics. Adding this type already proven visual content to your website will attract more prospects to your website.

Step 3: Go to the next type of popular view type in step 1 and get more ideas.

#2 Get leads by targeting user behavior on Facebook.

Facebook provides us with a robust ad platform, using this platform you can attract the EXACT type of people who are looking to get home improvement work done and more importantly have the budget to pay you.

It does this by analyzing the interests and behavior of billions of people. Using the humongous user data Facebook has, it can very accurately determine the likelihood of the purchase intent or buying behavior of any person.

Facebook ad platform allows business owners like you to make use of this data and showcase your ads to the right audience and get exclusive leads and business for your firm.

Following is the inside view of Facebook ad platform where you can set up the location/cities, age grow and interest/ behavior targetting. I have selected entire united states for this example but you can choose any specific city. I have also selected people between 30 yrs to 60 yrs who are more likely to take your home improvement services. Next, we have to filter purchase behavior to home improvement and home renovation.

Facebook ad platform to get home remodeling leads


I want to bring your attention to a small detail that can help in skyrocketing your home remodeling leads.

You can target 7.9 million people who are not just interested in home remodeling but according to Facebook these are “consumers in household that are known or likely buyers of home renovation based on actual past purchasing behavior”


Clients for Home Renovation

Obviously, you don’t want to market to all these people since they are spread across the US

#3: Target people who are likely buyers of home improvement and remodeling in a particular city.

If we take just New York City we have 3.6 million people who are likely buyers of home renovation or improvement services.

home remodeling leads in New York City


#4: Attract potential clients based on behavior and type of home they live in.

We have already discussed that Facebook has humongous data about its users, and we have just scratched the surface.

Along with the above behavior targeting, you can target people living in different type of home such as apartments, condos etc.

Home remodeling leads based on Home Type

Home remodeling leads based on age of house

You can target people based on home value ( yes the cost of their homes!). You can target your potential home remodeling clients based on the age of the property, length of residence, likely to move and new movers! Every such potential client would need a different kind of home remodeling service that you can provide.

You can target people who are specifically renters or homeowners. You can also attract people who are first time home buyers and would need home improvement services.

#5: Target wealthy clients interested in home remodeling

Facebook collects data about its users from various third party sources, therefore, it has a lot of information about its users even if they have explicitly not given it to Facebook.

Using Facebook income targeting you can target wealthy clients


home remodeling leads of high income clients

You can also target people who spend on luxury travel and vacations.

Target wealthy home improvement leads

Continuing our example of to find home remodeling leads in New York, we another layer of filter of income level above $250,000 along with purchase behavior of home improvement and home renovation

We get 320k wealthy home improvement client that you can target, these people would need high-end kitchen and bathroom design work or high-end home renovation work.


wealthy home remodeling clients in New York City


#6: Target expats who can be your potential clients

I have met many home remodeling companies in New York City who are interested in attracting expats from Russia and China. If you more projects with expats why not showcase your work directly of thousands of similar people on using this ad platform.

home remodeling leads of expats

#7: Do you want to scale your firm fast?

I help home remodeling, kitchen/bath remodeling and roofing firms get more exclusive leads on demand. So that they can focus on their core competency (i.e. running the business) and living a life of freedom without worrying where their next customer will come from

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5-Step Cheat-Sheet To Skyrocket Bathroom Remodeling Leads (In 2018)

This short guide contains one of my proprietary methods to get high-quality bathroom remodeling lead from Google.

This method can be used to get kitchen remodeling leads, home extension leads, landscaping, roofing, flooring or any type of home remodeling leads. But just to keep this guide simple, I will restrict myself to bathroom remodeling leads (You can learn about my unique method for different types of leads such as home remodeling leads, kitchen remodeling leads)

A person searching on Google for home remodeling work such as “bathroom remodeling” or “bathroom design” has a very high intent to get the work done. If your website is visible for keywords and phrases that your potential clients search on Google then they will be able to discover your firm, visit your website and contact you.


Since your potential client will be able to discover and contact you early in their planning phase you will be one of the first home remodeling professional to get their lead.

Following steps will explain my proprietary method to rank your website on Google’s first page whenever your potential clients search for keywords related to “bathroom remodeling”

How To Get Bathroom Remodeling Leads?

If you think it’s easy to rank on the first page for ‘bathroom remodeling’ related keywords then have a look at the snapshot below. There are 4,050,000 (4 million+) websites competing for a place in the top 10 slots on the first page of Google!

Therefore the better question to ask is how to outrank these 4 million websites to be visible on the first page of Google.



Step 1 – Keyword Research: What is your potential client searching?

In order to rank on the first page of Google, you need to understand what your potential clients want. You need to get into the mind of your prospects and think about the questions they will search on Google.

You will get an insight from the following:

What kind of questions your clients ask during your meetings?What type of bathroom remodeling information do they look for?What kind of problems your clients have?

Once you perform a Google search for any keyword such as “Bathroom Remodeling”, Google also gives you related keywords at the bottom of the page.


As you can see the phrase ‘remodel bathroom ideas’ is searched by 27,000 people each month and the phrase ‘remodel bathroom cost’ is searched by 18,000 people each month.

Now, people searching for such keywords are not random people, they are your potential clients who require bathroom remodeling service in near future.

Following are other phrases and keywords that your potential clients are searching on Google.

From the above data, you can see that there are thousands of potential clients searching for your services. Presently all these prospects are seeing your competitors on the first page and contacting them. You are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

Your clients are local and they look for bathroom design and remodeling companies near them.

Google helps them to find local businesses through the map widget at the top of the search results.

For example, if I search for bathroom remodeling companies near my area in Long Island, New York, I get the following results.

Google shows top 3 local businesses related to bathroom remodeling out of 100’s of businesses listed on Google in that area.

Bathroom remodeling SEO

Your potential clients search for keywords in the form “Bathroom remodeling in <Your Location>” example:

local searches related to bathroom remodeling projects


I know you too want to rank your website in the top 3 slots of the map section whenever someone searches for bathroom remodeler and designer in your area.

But in order to do so, you need to compete with thousands of competitors who are looking for the same slot. In other words, you need to prove to Google that you are better than your competitors on the first page of Google.

Google decides which site to rank on the first page using over 200+ ranking factors. Here are some of the most important ranking factors. We will go into the details of each of the factors when we discuss your lead generation plan in step 5.


local seo for home remodeling professionals

Step 2 – Bridge the information gap


Google wants to showcase the best information to its users. Therefore in order to rank on the first page, you need to provide high-quality relevant content related to the keywords that your potential clients are searching.

When I say highly relevant content I mean your potential clients should really find it useful. Google has various methods to understand if your content is relevant.

For example, Google measures how long a person has stayed on your website to read your content. If the person stayed longer on your page to read your content it indicates to Google that your content is good.


Step 3 – Website optimization and speed

Google page speed for home remodeling websites

You need to optimize your website’s title, descriptions and other tags so that your website is optimized for first-page ranking.

Google rewards websites that are quick to load. You can test your website speed using the Google page speed

Your website speed score should ideally be 90+/100

Step 4 – Backlinks form higher authority websites

Backlinks are links from higher authority website to your website. Such links act like votes to your website telling Google that your website is relevant and a good candidate for 1st-page ranking.

For example, if your article gets published in a high authority home improvement blog and you get a link from it to your website, it is counted as a backlink.

Google gives preference to websites that have a higher number of backlinks. Therefore in order to rank on the first page, your website needs to have more backlinks compared other websites on the first page.

Following is the snapshot for websites that rank on the first page for keyword “bathroom remodeling NYC”.

In the image below, you can see the number of links each website has and you can also see the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of each website. PA and DA are scores that determine the authority of this website on Google.


leads for bathroom designer

To rank on the first page, your website must have higher PA/DA and more backlinks as compared to your competitors.

Step 5: Put Everything together

I help home remodeling, kitchen/bath remodeling and roofing firms get more exclusive leads on demand. So that they can focus on their core competency (i.e. running the business) and living a life of freedom without worrying where their next customer will come from

Let’s have a quick chat to understand if we are a good fit or not.

If we are a good fit, I will get you exclusive leads/appointments on demand from locations that you decide.

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10 Ways To Use Houzz And Get Leads ( Don’t skip the 2nd Method)

How to use Houzz for marketing?

I have explained in my last article about what people look for when they visit Houzz and what start of buying cycle they are in you can read it here Houzz pro plus review

Houzz should be mainly used as awareness generation platform. You might not get users from Houzz to paying you immediately because as explained in my article here most Houzz users are mostly in ideation and discovery phase.

These users can be your future clients only if you engage with them today.

As an architect or a designer, you should use Houzz to showcase beautiful and outstanding designs you have created

But not every designer or architect understands how to make use of this website. Here is a look at the top ten ways of how to use Houzz for marketing.

1. Inspire with or collaborate on Ideabooks

The fact that you can create ideabooks with Houzz makes it an ideal marketing tool for your works. Here you can collect inspiration and show all your style to potential clients or better still collaborate on a project virtually with your client. You can make the ideabooks either public or private. A good example is if you are in the market for a kitchen remodel and you prefer white cabinets and other natural surfaces, you can browse through close to 600,000 pictures and then add them to your ideabook as “amazing kitchen”. You can also add a comment to it and say exactly what you loved about it. Send it or share it with someone else.



On the other hand, be sure to use the appropriate keyword. It is important that your audience sees your profile when they search for terms that matter to them by including the keyword in your business description and your projects. For instance, a New York buyer in the market for a custom builder may want to see examples of exteriors on Houzz designed by New York-area home builders.

To find these examples, they might search “New York exteriors.” If you’re a New York builder, you would want to appear in this search. So builders should add relevant geographic terms in addition to terms that describe the nature of the project or photo. For example, instead of titling your project “Kitchen Remodel”, consider calling it “New York Kitchen Remodel.”

2. Give Advice

Since most of the users on Houzz are in the ideation phase your main aim should engage them today so that they can hire you in future. Giving advice is the best way to showcase your expertise and get them engaged. Hence this is the most important method of marketing on Houzz.

If you are looking for the easiest way on how to use Houzz for marketing then you need to give your word out there. There is nothing as effective as getting the word out there through comments on discussions. This means that you have to be social and share some valuable piece of information that will be helpful to your potential clients. This doesn’t mean that you have to give away your trade secrets. You should only help others in order to establish yourself as an authority and also show your expertise. It is much easier for people to believe in you and check out your profile so that they can connect with you.


Give advice on Houzz


As you give advice, remember to tell your customers to give reviews too. The best sales leads have always come from word-of-mouth referrals. Online reviews are often almost as valuable as a friend recommending your company to another friend. Today’s consumers conduct a lot of research before making purchases. Online reviews are one resource that people consider when making a huge purchase like a home.

Houzz reviews are no different, the more you receive, the higher you are likely to rank in the Houzz directory for your geographic area. So, encourage your clients to submit reviews. Houzz makes it really easy with their “Get Reviews” feature.

3. Join the conversation in the forum

Joining a conversation in the forum has also proven to be the very best way for a construction professional to market himself and generate leads and interest on this powerful website. Be active as you participate in the forums. Homeowners visiting Houzz normally do so just to seek professional opinions in the forums.

If you are a designer or a construction professional then it’s important that you offer expert opinions by giving clear answers to questions asked in the forums. This is the only platform to prove that you know your business. Readers always become future clients.

In the forums, ensure to add links to your projects to posts. You can include an external link to provide more information on that project. So, try creating a blog post on your site that expands on each Houzz project.

You can then add the link to that blog post in the actual Houzz project. The strategy will help boost traffic to your website, provide additional blog content, and encourage people to learn more information about your company beyond what’s in your Houzz profile. It could also lead to new blog subscribers.

4. Engage with Direct Questions

Houzz gives users the ability to post a question on any of your images or directly on your profile. This is a good thing and try to make sure that you keep an eye open. Answer them as soon as they are posted. In most cases, potential clients will ask questions on things like the paint used, where to buy that great furniture and how large the garden is.


Houzz QnA
Houzz QnA


Most designers will tend to ignore these questions since most of them don’t result in a direct sale for them. However, it is just wise that you become conversational. This will show how helpful and courteous you are and proves that you are not only interested in making sales.

5. Create a great profile

The great features And functionalities of this website allow architects, furniture designers, and interior designers to create the best Pro Profile. The best way to market yourself is by adding lots of information in your profile to attract new leads. This includes a business description, links to your website, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and your blog.

Creating a listing on Houzz’s professional local directory is free. Houzz offers Houzz Pro+ for the Houzz marketing enthusiasts, which is a subscription marketing service that allows businesses more bells And whistles than the free Pro version. Houzz Pro+ also allows businesses more exposure on the site by increased local visibility and offers a metrics report that tracks company photo activity on the site.

There is also a way one can include a description of the types of services you provide. Make sure you include the typical cost plus the exact area you serve. If your profession requires a license number then go ahead and fill it just to give your clients some confidence in you. In addition, also add awards and certifications that you have to make your profile sound more legit.

6. Build a portfolio and show off your work

You can actually market yourself then make a fortune out of Houzz by simply building a portfolio and showing off your work, it’s the perfect place to show off all the projects you have recently sold to your clients. In Houzz terminology, a project “is a collection of your own work or product” what normally organizes projects are clients, product line or job sites.


Build portfolio on Houzz


Once you have your profile set, navigate to “Your Uploaded Photos”. Here is where you will add a photo. You can then use the best lit And HD professional photos of your previous works. Businesses that have invested time And effort to add helpful information to their profile by adding high-quality photos, keywords in photo description, information about the company, are active on the site, etc, can heed better results than those that do not. Houzz states openly that their algorithm includes the factors of recency and frequency, so staying active on the platform (i.e. becoming a Houzz marketing guru) is important. There are Houzz guidelines to upload high-quality photos that you need to adhere to if you wish to make the best of their services.

7. Answer questions asked by Pros

It is unfortunate that there are many business owners who don’t bother answering questions asked by their fans. You can take advantage of the laxity and answer those pending questions that have been waiting for a few days or more. If you find jumping in on someone else’s question rude then expand on an answer that was already given by the pro.

Responding quickly shows there is a tentative builder that cares. It also helps to ensure you connect with the user when they are still in the right mindset. If you respond several days after the question is asked, the user may have received his answer somewhere else, or he may have become preoccupied with something else.

Responding in a detailed yet thorough manner is also important because it shows you are an expert. This is why the questions feature is so valuable. It helps to show that you are a tentative, caring, expert home builder. And who wouldn’t want to hire a home builder like that?

8. Work the discussion

Most homeowners who ask questions normally have a tough design dilemma. Some just want some feedback on design options. You should work on the discussions then find one that interests you. You can also include a link to one of your favorite images when responding.

Also as a way of helping out unsure clients, consider posting a DIY project from start to finish offering tips, tricks And issues You experienced along the way.

Posting projects step-by-step will encourage your followers to try the projects themselves. Your goal is not just to show consumers what can be done with your products. You want to inspire them to try it and to feel successful at the end of their project.

9. Start a Pro-to-Pro Discussion

You can as swell market your designs on Houzz by starting a pro-to-pro discussion. Any architect or designer will always want to make a connection with other professionals on the site. The good thing about Houzz is that it allows you to connect, ask for opinions, helps and collaborate with others freely.



The discussion boards on Houzz get lots of action. Getting in on “design dilemma” conversations is a great way to bring added attention to your brand.

But don’t just wait for someone to post something interesting, get the conversation started yourself. Bring extra attention to your brand by having your name listed as the conversation starter.

If your brand already has a following, people will be extra inclined to comment. But if you don’t have a strong following yet, it’s a great way to give your brand exposure and peak consumer interest.70% of comments and questions posted to brands online go unanswered. Set your brand apart by staffing knowledgeable people who can respond to comments and posts online in a timely manner.

10. Start a Poll

Lastly, start a poll then make your presence on the site count. It is simple. You only need to ask a question to find out what your customers want. It is important that a designer gets to know what the challenges and priorities of customers are. It shows that you are concerned and also allows them to see your products or services.

11. BONUS: Grow your firm fast!

I help home remodeling, kitchen/bath remodeling and roofing firms get more exclusive leads on demand. So that they can focus on their core competency (i.e. running the business) and living a life of freedom without worrying where their next customer will come from

Let’s have a quick chat to understand if we are a good fit or not.If we are a good fit, I will get you exclusive leads/appointments on demand from locations that you decide.

Please fill in the form below and let’s see if we are a good fit.

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